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energy efficient roof

Nearly half of the money spent on utility bills goes toward heating and cooling the home, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Making your home more energy efficient is important because it not only reduces your carbon footprint but it decreases your utility bills. 

In many homes, energy costs are (literally) going through the roof. Unfortunately, much of our warm or cold air is lost due to low-efficiency or poorly insulated roofs. 

By boosting your roof’s efficiency, you’ll experience greater financial savings throughout the year. Maximize your investment in a roof replacement or repair by focusing on these three elements of an energy-efficient roof:


If you’re not ready to completely replace your roof, you can still improve your existing roof by upgrading your insulation. Insulation translates into energy savings for the roof. Insulation creates a barrier that reduces the amount of cool or warm air leaving the home. 


Roofs are built with ventilation to allow proper airflow between the attic and the outdoors. Although it may seem counterproductive to add vents after improving your insulation, ventilation ensures hot air doesn’t stay trapped inside the attic. Without ventilation, the hot air will gradually cause your entire house to heat up, putting a huge strain on your home’s cooling system in warmer months.

Shingle Color

Most people know wearing dark clothes absorbs more heat than lighter colors. But did you know that a dark-colored roof can do the same thing? Darker shingles absorb more heat from the sun and as a result, more heat is transferred to the underside of the roof and attic. Homes in colder climates may benefit from dark shingles. Make sure to consider the color of your shingles when upgrading your roof to cut costs. 

The best time to address a roof’s efficiency is during a reroofing project, however, there are many options to consider if you are unable to completely replace your roof. To decrease your energy costs, contact our roofing team at Garbati Builders! 

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