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When it comes to siding, there are numerous options to make: color, material, and pattern. As a big component of your home’s curb appeal, selecting a style you love is an important decision. 

Keep reading to learn more about siding patterns for your home. 

Horizontal Patterns

Horizontal siding is the most common pattern. This traditional siding method is simple to install and effective in protecting your home against outdoor elements. There are three main horizontal patterns you can choose from: 

  • Traditional Lap: Lap siding features horizontal boards that are partially layered, so precipitation rolls off each board’s surface. 
  • Dutch Lap: Similar to traditional lap siding, Dutch lap features a groove at the top of each horizontal board, creating some added texture. 
  • Beaded: Beaded siding features a ‘bead’ at the bottom of each board. Again, this adds some texture to the siding. 

Vertical Patterns

Vertical patterns attach siding boards straight up and down. This can create a more contemporary look. There are two main types of vertical siding patterns:

  • Panel Siding: Panel siding is similar to traditional lap siding, with the exception that it is vertically oriented. Although panels are layered on top of each other, the surfaces are flush, making them appear flat. 
  • Board and Batten:  Board and batten siding started with wood siding, and has since extended to vinyl and fiber cement siding. Vertical boards are placed with battens covering cracks to create a waterproof surface. The battens also add texture. 

Shake Patterns

Shake patterns are popular in New England, and are often used as accents to horizontal or vertical patterns. Shake siding also began as wood shakes, but now other siding materials mimic the look. 

Shake patterns are composed of smaller pieces of siding, layered to create some character for the exterior of a home. There are numerous shapes to choose from with shake patterns, including:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Staggered Shakes
  • Mitered Corner
  • Octagonal
  • Hexagonal
  • Fish Scale
  • Half Cove

You don’t have to select just one pattern! Many homeowners like to mix and match siding patterns, creating a distinct facade. 

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